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Tutorials de desenvolupament de software

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AlbiaSoft is a YouTube channel that periodically publishes video tutorials related to engineering and software programming. The contents of the channel will help you grow professionally and keep up to date with the latest technologies in web development, computer systems, programming languages ​​and current technological trends.

The main goal of the channel is to share and make the technological knowledge available to everyone in a very practical and visual way, with real examples used in software companies. The level of the tutorials is quite varied, both for novice engineers and for more experienced engineers. All videos are always dubbed into Catalan, Spanish and English. And in addition, the source code of each tutorial is always available for download.

The topics of the tutorials are extensive: DevOps, programming, web frameworks, Machine Learning, etc. And the languages ​​and technologies used are also extensive: Angular, React, Node, Deno, Ionic, OpenGL, Xamarin, Docker, Kubernetes, C / C ++, GoLang, Rust, Python, TypeScript, JavaScript, etc.

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